Women of Joy
October 5-7, 2018.     San Antonio, TX
The Women of Joy conference will be in San Antonio on October 5th-7th. The total cost is $199 which pays for the hotel for 2 nights (4 to a room) and the conference registration. Our hotel provides a free hot breakfast. If you are interested and have not already registered, please talk with LeeBell Ulvestad as soon as possible.  This conference is open to all the ladies of our church, family members, friends, etc. Mark Lowry is performing Friday night and Selah is in concert on Saturday night. All the speakers are fabulous! If you need more information, LeeBell can help you out.

Operation Christmas Child
Thank you to everyone who continues to bring items each month so we can have a wonderful packing party in November! Items for collection in July are clothing items such as scarves, plain t-shirts, socks, shoes (ie. small sandals, slip ons, etc.), little dresses, caps, sunglasses... The stack is getting higher and higher. You can still bring stuffed animals, hygiene items, accessories, crafts, hats, gloves and scarves if you happen to see them on sale somewhere. Please place your items in the bins at the entrances to the Sanctuary. Thank you for your generosity!


  • Quilting: sept 16 3 pm. Last quilting will be october 28. 

  • baby bags for the life center: oct 14 (basic items - we have plenty of diapers, q-tips and cotton balls.

  • baptist crisis center collection needs canned goods, men's socks and toiletries

  • operation christmas child - sept donations are toys. we need toys, washcloths, solar calcultatiors, black and blue and 


Wilshire Park Baptist Church