for being inducted into the Midland High School ROTC at their 2018 Changing of Commands  cermonies. 
Noe is a  member of WPBC and at  times sings with the  WPBC Praise Team.  Jim Atwater and his son Chad where there to share in Noe's accomplishment

The Courtyard clean up is gettin done !!! 

Thanks to all those that help with  

all the arm scratching work. (Huh,

 Pete, Cynthia, Reesa, Dorothy)It  

is such a big step to bring the  

courtyard  alive. Yes our turtles are  

 enjoying The new look and now we

have a few rabbits enjoying it with

  them. We would like to add more color to the courtyard so if you would like to donate some flowers, potting soil, or rocks please contact Dorothy thru the contact us page.. 

Our Easter Children's program was great. 

Wilshire Park Baptist Church