Childrens Easter Program

What a blessing to see the children showing Jesus's blessing and love.

​​​​​Welcome to

Thanksgiving Feast at WPBC 2018 

Congratualtion Noe Gonzalez

Happy New Year. Look forward to sharing more of God's Love in 2018

Sunday School Christmas Party 2018 


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Here at WPBC we have had some great gatherings filled with fun, crazyness, unexpected happenings, and such wonderful fellowship. We hope to contunie and grow even more in the following years.

Join in with us to worship and show what a Amazing God we have. 

Noe was inducted into the Midland High School ROTC at their 2018 Changing of Commands  cermonies. 

Noe is a  member of WPBC and at  times sings with the  WPBC Praise Team.  Jim Atwater and his son Chad where there to share in Noe's accomplishment

Women Of Joy Conference 2018 

​​​​Wilshire Park Baptist Church

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