Henderson Elementary is in need of the following items for school projects:

Shoeboxes Large Brown Paper Bags Empty 2-liter Plastic Bottles Empty Water Bottles Empty Cereal Boxes Toilet Paper Rolls Paper Towel Rolls See Carolee for more information. Buckets are located around the church.

Wilshire Park Baptist Church

The Courtyard clean up is done !!!  

Thanks to all those that help with all 

the arm scratching work. (Huh, Pete,

Cynthia, Reesa, Dorothy)It is such a 

big step to bring the courtyard  alive.

Yes our turtles are enjoying the new 

look and now we have a few rabbits enjoying it with them. We would like to add more color to the courtyard so if you would like to donate some flowers, potting soil, or rocks please contact Dorothy thru the contact us page.