Have you ever wondered about God's supernatural helpers? Those helpers are called "Angels."  Please join us on Sunday mornings during October as we study what God has revealed about His special helpers.

​During our Evening Worship time, we will continue to study the book by Dr. David Jeremiah, "What Are You Afraid Of?" This book has been much thought provoking for me and I hope and pray that you are challenged by realizing that all have fears and phobia that can be cured by placing them in the hands of God. Join us on Sunday evenings for this time of study.  Invite a friend to join us for these great studies!


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Wednesday Night Prayer Force

During our Wednesday Night Prayer Force and Bible Study, we will continue to lift prayers and petitions as well as celebrate answers to prayers and praises.

Our Bible Study will continue to Solomon's writings that we call Proverbs. These timeless Words are inspiring and motivating as we seek to live in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord. You are invited to join us for this time of intimate conversation with the Master. 

Please bring large bags of pre-wrapped candy and small trinkets or toys for distribution. Buckets will be placed around the church for your donations. If you have any questions or want to volunteer your vehicle or cover a booth, please contact Glenn Pipes at (432) 553-2428

Saturday October 27th 5 - 7 pm

I is time to start planning your vehicle decor for our neighborhood outreach. Costume up you and your auto and join in on the fun. 

You don't have to decorate you car to join in on the fun, We have many game booths that will need to be manned as well. 

Wilshire Park Baptist Church

Know Him,  Love Him,  Serve Him,  Share Him.

Faith is more than religion. It's about a relationship between a person and God.

Together, we make faith worth living.