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Ladies, invite your friends and family to our Fall Bible Study. We are covering “Finding I Am” by Lysa TerKeurst. This is a 6-week study in finding who we are in Christ through His ‘I Am’ statements in the Bible.
The morning group will meet Wednesday, September 11 through October 16 at 10am at 3908 WCR 140 (Fay Palmer’s house).
The evening sessions will be on Thursdays -September 12 through October 17 - at 7pm at 4411 Cherrywood Drive (LeeBell Ulvestad’s house).
Study books are $15 each. If you are interested, please sign up with LeeBell at Sunday services. You may call her at (432) 638-9715 for more information or details..

National Back to Church Sunday started as a call to action and invitation - action for the church, invitation for the world. A single day event focused on extending the invitation of love, peace and hope to our friends and neighbors. A single day to reclaim the true nature of Church - exactly as Christ commanded.

The “Together” message encourages the never-churched ‘nones’ and the ‘de-churched’ people in your community to come together at church where they’ll find a gathering of spiritually growing people who apply their faith and support one another, as well as the community at large.

Invite your neighbors, coworkers and friends that you know aren’t regularly attending church to join you on September 15th. Let’s reach out with the love of Christ and bring them back to church!!

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​​Come and share a time of food and fellowship with men who want to make an impact on their families and the community. Make your calendars to join us for a great breakfast and a time of prayer and devotions.   

                    Bring a friend.​ ​​

  Women of Joy "Deeply Rooted"

Sept. 6 - 8 in San Antonion.TX

Mark your calendars for delightful weekend in San Antonio for the Women of Joy Conference. 25 tickets have been reserved so if you wish to go you need to sign up. More info on WOM page.