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            Love Him,  

                      Serve Him,  

                                 Share Him.


Meeting  Jan 11th 5 pm

Quilting Day

Jan. 27th

3:00 pm

​Reminders for 2019
Sometimes we forget things and that’s okay. Who doesn’t? Listed below are just a couple of reminders to help keep things running smoothly in 2019:
Expense Requests:
If you have a need for funds from your budget area, please turn in an Expenditure Request two weeks prior to the time a check is needed. It takes this long to have the request approved and a check written.
Activities Involving the Church Building:
Dawn has the main calendar for all activities taking place at the church. Please contact her as soon as possible if you need to use the building for a function. This will help to avoid any conflicts with other events and ensures that all needs for the activity will be met. If you have any questions or need further clarification, contact Dawn at 694-7787.​

​Sermon Series Info

During the month of January 

​As we begin the new year, I am more and more convicted that the world wants us to believe that we are living in a hopeless world. Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica destroys the idea that we are living in a hopeless world. Come join us in our

Morning Worship time as we seek to set the records straight as we launch a series called, “Finding Hope in a Hopeless World.”
During our Evening Worship time, we will continue our study of the book of Mark that we launched in November.

​Mark has a great manner of explaining the life of Jesus from a point of view that shows the heart of a servant that the Savior had for all. Join us for this expository study of this Gospel according to Mark.​

Deacon Ordination
Sunday, January13
Please join us during the Evening Service on Sunday, January 13th as we have a Deacon Ordination for Peter Rushing. Peter serves our church tirelessly and he will be a great addition as an ‘official’ Deacon.  We will have a Fellowship with refreshments following the ordination in the Gym.​


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